The MT 208 Timpani Mallet is particularly smooth and suitable for soft playing. We process here a core made of cork. This is surrounded by two layers of finest Merino felt, which we source from German production, sewn by hand. The shaft is made of selected Maple wood. The soft version of the TT series is also very well suited for fine cymbal rolls with low impact noise.


The MT 206 Timpani Mallet provides a concise, clear attack with a wooden core. Finest Merino felt from German production is sewn by hand around the core and damped by an additional layer of felt. The MT 206 timpani mallet can be used for various symphonic settings. The solid 12mm shaft made of Maple makes the mallet also flexible to use for percussion and on the drum set.


Finest Merino felt from German production is used in the hand-stitched MT 204 Timpani Mallet. A wooden core ensures clear and concise sound. The handle of the MT 204 Timpani Mallet is made of Maple.


The MT 202 Timpani Mallet has a wooden core that is covered with a thin layer of finest German-made Merino felt sewn by hand. The hard core of wood provides this timpani mallet with a lot of power for playing fortissimo. The shaft is made of maple, so the MT 202 is not too heavy and comfortable to play.

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Rohema MT Timpani Mallets

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