The ET 423 is a properly crafted yet affordable timpani mallet. The wooden core is covered by hand with fine merino felt. The head has a diameter of 42mm and is medium hard. The shaft is made of Maple with a diameter of 10mm.


Its with synthetic fur covered head makes the ET 427 Timpani mallet very robust and makes it much less sensitive to wear and tear compared to classic timpani mallets. It is medium hard and has a shaft made of 12mm thick beech wood. The cork core and an additional layer of felt create a soft touch and plenty of volume. A universal companion for versatile percussion setups.


The neatly crafted felt ball of the ET 436 Timpani Mallet produces a powerful and defined tone. The shaft of the mallet is made of Tonkin. These particularly thick-walled bamboo sticks grow extremely straight, which makes this material especially suitable for mallet production. The ET 436 is very durable and suitable for a wide variety of different purposes.

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Rohema ET Timpani Mallets

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