The Musser M55 Pro-Vibe Vibraphone with Concert Frame has been, and continues to be, a leading seller in the Vibraphone market.

The touring professional's choice of vibraphones, the 3-octave Pro-Vibe was designed for peak performance and easy portability.  Hand tuned bars and seamless arched and mitered resonators produce a rich and resonant tone.  Adjustable, swiveling sustain pedal offers precise feel, and the variable speed motor is insulated for quiet operation.  An adjustable damper bar and Musser distortion-free bar suspension system assure exact control.

Shallow drop cover and mallets are included.

Musser M55 Pro-Vibe Specs:
Low End Width: 30"
High End Width: 15.5"
Length: 56"
Height: 32" - 36"
Weight: 137lbs

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Musser 3.0 Oct. Pro Vibraphone

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