Gon Bops Fiesta Cajons are the best entry level cajons you can buy. We offer a serious choice in entry level models: from new Color Series Fiesta Cajons with internal snare wires and extra-large rubber feet, to our Walnut model with a snare on/off knob, to our Mahogany Cajon with snare and adjustable internal bells ... the Gon Bops Fiesta line offers outstanding tone and quality at a price point that cannot be matched.

Model: FSCJM
Dimensons: 12″ x 19.75″ x 11.5″
Features: Internal adjustable jingles and guitar string wires
Includes: Seat Pad and Gig Bag

Unique Selling Proposition Icons
Gon Bops Fiesta Cajon - Mahogany

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