The Resonance Series F-Line consists of three gong mallets on hand-turned Padauk wood handles. The handles have a slight taper and a small knob on the bottom end. This design perfectly balances the heavy cores of each model. Each mallet is wrapped in high-quality synthetic Sherpa fleece. A removable eye bolt is threaded into the bottom of the stick and sports a color-coded hanging strap for easy identification of each mallet.


The family of Fuzzbuckets grows again with the new F3 FuzzBucket XL. Same shape and super-soft wrap, but BIG. Absolutely luscious, seamless sound with virtually no attack. Amazing for sustaining a low drone and for soft strikes that are felt more than heard. But if you want to play loud, this mallet will bring the bass in a way our original FuzzBuckets cannot. The substantial mass and surface area of the FuzzBucket XL makes it particularly well suited to your largest gongs.
Unique Selling Proposition Icons
Dragonfly Percussion Resonance Series F3 Fuzzbucket XL - RSF3

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