The drum set world has collided with the orchestra percussion section as Tackle Instruments Supply (Minneapolis, MN) and Dragonfly Percussion (Buffalo, NY) have joined forces to create a totally new kind of drum set and multi-percussion accessory. Toppers are interchangeable mallet heads that fit onto the tip of any medium size drumstick. Designed specifically for drum set and multi-percussion playing, they have superior sound quality, feel and durability compared to conventional felt mallets.

22 stacked layers of canvas and flannel, these Toppers have a warm, soft sound on drums and seamless cymbal swells. They are firm enough to still have decent rebound for execution of doubles and muted clarity on toms. These are also great for working out your rudimental chops on a table top or pad.
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Dragonfly Medium Toppers - TBDFT-M

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