Sela Venti Chimes produce pleasant, spherical sounds that soothe, relax and inspire dreaming. They are suitable for wellness activities such as meditation and yoga as well as for sound therapy and remedial education. The "Water" Venti Chime is tuned in D, F, A and G pitches. The blue stone on the suspension helps distinguish it from the other models (Fire - red, Earth - green, Air - white). Several different Venti Chimes can also be combined for even more tonal variety.
  • Wooden body made of bamboo
  • 8 metal rods (chimes)
  • Element: Water
  • Wind plate in Sela shape
  • Red cord with metal ring for hanging up
  • Tones: D F A G
  • Transport bag included
  • Dimensions: 16.6 cm x 6.5 cm
Unique Selling Proposition Icons
Bamboo Venti Chimes - Water

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