Terrific go-to stick on xylo. Excellent dynamic range and overtone spread. Ideal for Les Noces, Petrouchka, Music for Strings, American in Paris, and many others. On glock, this stick is dark and full bodied.

Ebonite is a hard, extruded natural rubber material.  On xylophone, Dragonfly Percussion's hand-turned Ebonite sticks produce a pure and articulate sound, suitable for lots of general playing, but with an underlying warmth not found in phenolic and exotic hardwood sticks.  While they are relatively light-weight, they produce a surprisingly full-bodied sound with an exceptional spread of high and low overtones. They have terrific resilience off the bar resulting in a very comfortable feel in the hand.  On glock, the Ebonite produces a very warm, elegant sound with a clear attack.  Extremely useful for a wide range of playing on glock, especially where blend and warmth are needed without losing clarity. NOTE: Each mallet head is hand turned, and variations in the smoothness/finish due to the turning and the natural product cause individual differences.  Dragonfly Percussion carefully matches them, and guarantee that the sound produced is even.

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Dragonfly Percussion 1 1/8" Ebonite with Rattan Handles - EB2

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