PHAT Dog Platinum Mallet Pre-Pack

Item Number: PD-PPP

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Product Description

Save up to 15% with our Mallet Pre-Packs! 

Brandenburg Music can provide you with the perfect mix of mallets for you and your students! These hand-packaged mallet packs are the perfect solution for you and your students' everyday needs in the band room!  The PHAT Dog Platinum Mallet Pre-Pack contains:


  • 1 Levy's CM9 Stick Bag
  • 1 pair of Phat Dog PD-5A or PD-5B drumsticks
  • 3 pairs of Phat Dog PD-SY, PD-MY, or PD-HY yarn mallets
  • 3 pairs of Phat Dog PD-SR, PD-MR, or PD-HR rubber mallets
  • 3 pairs of Phat Dog PD-ST, PD-MT, or PD-HT timpani mallets
  • 1 pair of Phat Dog PD-HP hard plastic mallets
  • 1 pair of Phat Dog PD-BR brass mallets
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