Adams 3.5 Octave Zelon Soloist Xylophone

Item Number: AD-XSKV35

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Price: $3889.99

Product Description

ADAMS, 3.5 Octave Soloist Series Synthetic Xylophone - The perfect choice for those in search of an ultra-high quality xylophone with unmatched durability for both indoor and outdoor use. Adam's specially designed synthetic bar material offers warm tone and great projection.


Model: XSKV35 
Range: F4-C8, 3.5 Octaves 
Bars: Zelon Synthetic tuned at A=442 Hz 
Bar Width: 1.5"Length: 55.5" 
Width: Low End, 24.8" - High End, 13.8" 
Height Adjustment: 31.5" - 39.3" 
Frame: Voyager 
Weight: 88 lbs. 
Includes cover