Adams 3.1 Octave Vibraphone

Item Number: AD-VSSV31M

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Price: $6159.99

Product Description

The Adams VSSV31M Soloist Vibraphone with Voyager frame and motor has all the features of a higher priced instrument, at a great price!  Featuring the standard 3 octave range PLUS a low E, the VSSV31M makes comping with a guitar easy!  The motor and drive wheels are completely enclosed within the beautifully finished wooden upper end cap of the instrument, giving the player easy access to its top mounted controls, and providing nearly silent operation.

Frame: Voyager 
Motor: 40 - 14 rpm 
Range: 3.1 Octave E3 - F6 
Bars: Aluminum Graduated 50 - 38mm 
Pitch: A=442 Hz 
Length: 62" 
Low End: 30" 
High End: 16" 
Height Adjustment: 34" - 41