Grover Alloy Deluxe Triangle Beater Set with Case

Item Number: GR-TB-D

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Price: $109.99

Product Description

After years of research and testing Grover developed a traditional style triangle beater that produces a rich, full sonority with minimal contact sound.

Alloy 303 triangle beaters are extra long (8.9") and are available in six sizes and weights. Each comes with a special plastic coated handle for positive gripping and is color coded for quick identification. 

Grover Deluxe Set of 10 Triangle Beaters Includes:
2 TB-1 Super-Light (yellow)
2 TB-2 Light (orange)
2 TB-3 Medium Light (red)
2 TB-4 Medium (green)
1 TB-5 Medium Heavy (blue)
1 TB-6 Heavy (black)
1 Cordura Triangle Beater Case