Groovesicles by Row-Loff Productions

Item Number: RL-GS01

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Price: $99.99

Product Description

Groovesicles is A Collection of 8 Concert Ensembles for Six Young Percussionists!

This package includes:

* Complete set of 8 ensembles.
* Conductor's score
* 6 individual player books

If you enjoy performing the "Rhythmsicles" ensembles, you'll love "Groovesicles!!"

These eight ensembles are written for six young percussionists and gives each the opportunity to play snare drum, timpani, mallet, and hand percussion instruments.

This package includes a conductor's score with performance notes and set-up guides, six student books and an instructional video CD-ROM on playing the hand percussion instruments scored in the ensembles.